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Air core inductor

Air core inductor (without ferrite core), is used to generate a homogeneous magnetic field. It is used where high inductance is low or high voltage.

These coils, in contrast to the coils with a ferrite core - can be used in circuits wheredistortion is not acceptable. It is also worth noting that in the case of air coils we are not dealing with the losses in the core (the ability to work at higher power), occurring in the case of ferrites. This feature becomes particularly important at high frequencies. Air coils can operate at frequencies ranging to 1GHz. For comparison, the coils with ferrite cores typically work at frequencies around 100MHz.

Our factory can produce:

Air coils one and multi-layer, with axial and parallel terminals, flattened and specially molded these coils can also be adapted to surface.

These can be wire wound coils "special":

  • termo-sintered wires,
  • no copper wires (steel, nickel, silver coated wires),
  • shaped wires,

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