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Flexible bus-bars

Flexible bus bars are composed of several strips of thin tinned electrolytic copper, or pure. The whole is covered with non-flammable insulation, made of PCV or highly resistant silicon. Thanks to these features, such bus bars are very flexible and can easily be modeled according to individual needs.

They are the best alternative to traditional monolithic bus bars and cables, because:

  • Their flexibility allows you to reduce the distance of connections, thereby saving space.
  • Because they are isolated - the distance between the bars may be significantly less than for conventional bars.
  • The end is in the form of rails, and so at their tips there is less resistance, than in the case of wires with the tip of shackles, so that they operate at a lower temperature.
  • Thanks to the flexible bus bars can significantly reduce the time and cost, because the rail will not require the installation of terminals.
  • By their flexibility bus bars can be easily formed, and folded up for long distances: their installation is just made easier.

They find their application in all kinds of low voltage connections, and above all, in switchboards, compensators, UPS-es, supply closets, etc.

We can provide rail kits for specific applications, so the customer receives the correct number of bars on
a pre-selected parameters, cut to appropriate dimensions with prepared mounting holes. All materials are certified to UL and CE.

We are able to offer other types of bars or holes according to the technical specification our customers require (provide).
We are open to answer your queries.

Standard types of flexibars

(width,thickness of single strip, number of strips)
20x1x2Tinn pleted copper
15,5x0,8x2 Tinn pleted copper
15,5x0,8x4Tinn pleted copper
15,5x0,8x6 Tinn pleted copper
20x1x3Tinn pleted copper
20x1x4 Cooper
24x1x3 Cooper
24x1x3 Tinn pleted copper
24x1x4 Tinn pleted copper
24x1x5 Tinn pleted copper
32x1x3 Cooper
32x1x3Tinn pleted copper
32x1x4Tinn pleted copper
32x1x5 Cooper
32x1x5Tinn pleted copper
40x1x5Tinn pleted copper

Standard types of punched holes

round φ 9
round φ 10
roundφ 11
roundφ 12
roundφ 13
oval 7 x 14
oval 9 x 14
oval 11 x 16
oval 14 x 20

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